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Hey there! I am an online business manager for health & wellness coaches who are ready for a custom roadmap to success. I work with coaches just like you to build a business you love, implement systems that convert, craft communities via unique social media strategies, & to give you your time back.

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investment begins at
$1,500 per month

Tired of copy and paste solutions to their problems.

Ready to develop a completely custom roadmap to success & have the assistance they need to execute it.

Excited to try new ways of communicating through social media marketing.

Determined to take their business to the next level, achieve their quarterly goals, develop the business of their dreams, and are ready to commit to themselves & their business.

this is perfect for coaches who are:

Long term management includes the following:
Launch planning & management that will ensure you have the launch of your dreams without all the stress.
Digital marketing planning & metrics analysis so you can reach your target market in a unique way and develop the community you desire.
Team management so you can focus on creative activities & helping clients.
SOP creation & management so you have a standardized way of doing things and always have a plan in place.
Weekly client meetings & team meetings so everyone feels secure and on top of things. 

This is a package for ongoing online business management & includes everything you need to not only develop your custom road map to success, but also execute it.

Long Term Management

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."


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investment begins at
$2,250 for 6 weeks + 10% coMmiSsion

Looking to launch a new course or event in the next 2-3 months.

In need of some management & marketing assistance in order to have the results they want.

Ready to commit to working with the right-hand woman they need & execute the necessary steps to exceed their desired expectations.

this is perfect for Coaches who are:

A La Carte Launch Management includes the following:
Weekly client meetings.
Week by week launch plan with each task needed with the respective team member & budget in mind.
A marketing map specifically tailored to your launch with the recommended social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and paid ad recommendations.

This is a package for one time launch management & Includes everything you need to have a stress free launch that exceeds your goals.

A La Carte Launch Management

"People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relations, stories, and magic."

Seth Godin

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this is perfect for Coaches who are:

investment begins at $1,500
with a 4 week turnaround

Wishing they had a definitive marketing guide tailored to their business & available at their fingertips.

Ready to have a fully developed marketing plan they can map their yearly activities around.

Desiring the guidance they need to post on social with intention & deploy paid ads that convert.

The Marketing VIP Package includes the following:
• Three one hour Zoom sessions for brainstorming & project updates.
• A full marketing plan that outlines your business summary, marketing goals, industry research, ideal target market, sample content plans, sample editorial calendar, and sample promotional workflow.
• A definitive social media marketing strategy tailored to your needs.
• The option to add 20 easy to use custom Canva templates that show off your brand & give your profiles a cohesive look.*
*Additional $500 

This is a one time package with a 4 week turnaround period that includes everything you need to approach your business's marketing with confidence.

Marketing VIP Package

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